Between sky and land, the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see… Do you long to lose yourself in infinite vastness? Head for the summits of the Monts du Forez. There, between 1,400 and 1,642 metres in altitude, you’ll be amazed! The vast plateau covered in moorland that stretches north to south has an unreal quality, as if it’s suspended in the air. Everywhere you look, the panoramas are stunning. To the east lies the Plaine du Forez, the Monts du Lyonnais and you can sometimes even see the Alps. To the west is the Vallée de la Dore, the Puy-de-Dôme and Sancy.


There are many sites to visit on the Route des Hautes Chaumes: the Marcilly Talaru fortified house in Chalmazel, the Massons mill in Saint-Bonnet-le-Courreau and the Musée de la Fourme (museum of local traditions, including Fourme cheese) in Sauvain, are just some of the sites to explore for a better understanding of the history and traditions of the Monts du Forez area.


Do you enjoy the thrill of being up high? Whether you’re with friends or family, the Via Ferrata at the Rocher de l’Olme has many surprises in store for you. The concept of Hêtre en Forez offers you the chance to fulfil a dream: to get as close as possible to the tree tops. So, let it entice you. For those who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, push open the door to the Auberge de Garnier and make yourself comfortable in front of the hearth, where you can enjoy the region’s culinary specialities.


The GR3 is the path that marks the ridge line of the Monts du Forez. But the whole Monts du Forez massif offers hundreds of kilometres of signposted paths of different kinds, which change according to the seasons.

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