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Take home a souvenir of Forez

After a stay in Forez, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to tell everyone about our beautiful destination. So what better way than to bring them back a souvenir of Forez: a totebag, mug, key ring, postcard… or one of our local products, 100% Forez origin: Pâte à tartiner from Civens, oil from the Moulin des Massons, aperitif from the Source distillery in Chalmazel, biscuits from Marols, cosmetics from Abiessence…

Consult the online ticket office of the Loire Forez Tourist Office

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Billetterie en ligne - Loire Forez - Foreztival

Consult the online ticket office of the Forez-Est Tourist Office

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Billetterie disponible à la réservation en ligne

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