Hemp, flax, silk… Foréziens have always been able to recognize the sound of weaving looms. Over the centuries, generations of weavers have succeeded in our villages to keep their craftsmanship alive. It is certain: if the biggest fashion houses still source from the textile factories and workshops of the Forez region, it is no coincidence!


The textile history has its roots in the cultivation and weaving of hemp, known in the region since the 11th century. It is because of this past, present, and future history linked to textiles that 21 municipalities have come together under the identity of “Land of Weavers, Land of Excellence.” Today, around fifteen textile companies and artisans are still active. Most of them specialize in high-end productions that are exported worldwide. Some local companies are independent and self-sufficient, creating their own collections, weaving the fabrics, and sometimes even manufacturing and marketing them. Others work on a made-to-order basis, where designers conceive fabrics and place orders for weaving or manufacturing.


A large-scale event, “48 hours of textile creation,” is organized every two years around this theme by the two museums. Visits to these companies are organized every year by the tourist office.

Go hiking

The GR® de Pays – Terre de Tisseurs en Forez is a hiking route of approximately 161km divided into 3 marked loops in both directions, from the Loire River to the hills of the Monts du Lyonnais: Tour Matagrin, Loire River, Donzy-Lestra.

The GRP® takes you to the heart of the textile history of Forez-Est. Along the way, you pass by several iconic sites: home weaving workshops, 19th and 20th-century factories, active businesses, a monorail model, and more. Observe the architecture associated with weaving, with the presence of old weaving workshops or factories. Be attentive, as you will come across them throughout your journey… Sawtooth roofs (sheds), chimneys, large windows… The heritage and weaving will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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