Climb up to the summit of the Matagrin Tower, located at an altitude of 1004 meters on Mount Boussuivre, the highest point of the Lyonnais mountains. From up there, everyone can admire an incredible 360° panorama. Beyond the Douglas forests, on clear days, you can see up to 14 departments. It’s a peaceful spectacle.


The highest point in the village, the summit of Mount Boussuivre, reaches an altitude of 1,004 meters. The immediate surroundings of the summit are wooded with deciduous and coniferous trees, including a beautiful larch forest. The site was one of the triangulation points in France. A stone boundary marker from the Napoleonic era, embedded in the masonry of the Matagrin Tower, testifies to this past.

The Matagrin Tower is a circular stone building dating back to 1876. It was once a hunting lodge built for the use of a notary, Maître Matagrin, who owned the surrounding land. The building originally had a conical roof covered with slate, which disappeared during the Liberation. In 2012, renovation works allowed it to regain its original appearance.

A second, taller tower was constructed near the Matagrin Tower. It is a telecommunications relay station. This second landmark is visible for several tens of kilometers around and precisely locates Violay.


“The Tower” is the showcase of the village and attracts many walkers and tourists during the beautiful days. A 360° orientation table placed at the top allows you to contemplate, on clear days, a landscape stretching across 14 departments. You can clearly see Mont Blanc and the entire Alpine range emerging from the mist to the east.

The panorama covers the Roannais, Tarare, and Beaujolais regions, the Alps from the Mont-Blanc massif to the Oisans massif and the Barre des Écrins, the Bugey region, and the Lyon plain in the foreground. To the south, the crests of Pilat, Mézenc, and to the west, the Forez and Madeleine mountains are visible

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Go hiking Several hiking trails allow everyone to enjoy the Violay forest in all seasons. Put on your snowshoes in winter, and enjoy breathtaking panoramas in summer. You won’t be disappointed!


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