Souvenirs of Forez

In our tourist offices, you’ll find a wealth of products showcasing the expertise of our local craftsmen and producers. You’ll have plenty to remember your stay in Forez.

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Discover all our 100% Forez origin products. With Origine Forez, we’re giving you the chance to give pleasure, and to treat yourself, by offering, or enjoying yourself, these products made in the Forez region.

The Loire Forez Tourist Office supports local producers in Loire Forez and the Forez region by offering you a fast, convenient ordering service giving you access to a wide choice of products.

By buying locally, you’re supporting the men and women who have chosen to produce in Forez, from Montbrison to Chalmazel-Jeansagnière, via Marols and Saint-Just Saint-Rambert.

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Boutique produits locaux de l'office de tourisme Forez-Est Miel, huile, objets divers, objets originaux, cadeaux, cartes cadeaux, bières, thé, café, vin, produits cosmétiques