Salt-en-Donzy, Medieval Site 

The medieval site of Salt-en-Donzy has its history dating back to the year 1000 when the Calvi family settled here. The Donzy fortress has a rich past, having hosted the constable Charles III de Bourdon around 1523. The castle was besieged around 1593 and was dismantled in 1603 following the request of the town’s inhabitants and the order of King Henry IV. This picturesque site still abounds with ever-evolving medieval remains.

You can also explore the Romanesque church, which was originally the church of the Salt-en-Donzy priory, as well as the priory and the 4 hiking trails starting from the town hall, marked with white and yellow: 6km, 8km, the circuit of the 3 villages, and the 24km monorail circuit.





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Site médiéval de Donzy

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