Leisure parks : Canoe Kayak, Cross-Country Scooter, Orienteering, Archery

Saint-Just Saint-Rambert

In a beautiful natural setting on the banks of the river Loire, the leisure centre(water and outdoor sports base) offers you a large range of activities: canoeing-kayaking, crosscountry scooter, orienteering, nature trek, archery.


  • Car park
  • Parking
  • Coach parking
  • Water sports
  • Pedestrian sports
  • Orientation course
  • Canoe / kayak route


Kayak : rental from €5/hour (on site)
Half-day rental descent: 13€ single, 25€ double, 30€ 3 places with a child under 10 years old.

Supervised activity (6/8 people minimum or flat rate of 80€ min.):
Discovery 2 hours: 13€/person (kayak, scooter, archery)

Supervised activities for half a day:
Kayak: 18€
Multi-activity (event, treasure hunt): from 14€

Supervised activities by the day:
Discovery and kayak descent: 26€
Multi-activity (treasure hunt, adventure raid, challenge): from 15 to 30€

Discounts for groups of more than 20 people and school groups.
Multi-activity packages on request (contact us).

Opening period

From 01/03 to 30/11.

Good deals

  • Tips : Canoe trip from May to September allowing you to discover the local heritage. Children's birthdays: animations, activities, cakes... From 6 years old.

    I did a great descent on the Loire with my cousins and my uncle, it was beautiful and very quiet (no car noise!!!), I will come back because we saw that he offered scooter and archery! Tom - 8 years old.


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Leisure parks : Canoe Kayak, Cross-Country Scooter, Orienteering, Archery Accueil : promenade du Guittay - bords de Loire 42170 Saint-Just Saint-Rambert 06 72 91 24 64